Sunday, March 6, 2011

So long? No, business as ... unusual

What would you do if you woke up and found that someone entered your home and  left a business card advertising "Bodyguard and Executive Protection Services" for "TV/Film Celebrities, CEOs, High Profile Attorneys and Judges" and "ANYONE NEEDING PERSONAL PROTECTION" on your kitchen counter during the night?

This happened to me this morning. Yeah, holy shiite. No signs of forced entry. During my first iPhone call this morning to see if the card might have been accidentally left by a friend, my phone was beeping during the call, as if the person I called was pressing a number, but the person wasn't. When I walked to another friend's house, my phone dialed that person a few seconds before I got to the door. Weird. I'm not a person with "clutter" in his home. I like things clean and organized, and that includes my kitchen counters. The card was the only thing there. I also don't collect people's business cards and I'd never heard of this company. Research showed the web site was registered just a few days ago and that the business license number for the bodyguard on the card was legit.

I've been advertising this blog in the iMobsters game I'm playing on the iPhone and just last night someone put me on a "hit list" for no reason. It seems iMobsters can spill over into real life?

UPDATE: Situation corrected.  This was a very interesting day. Nice to have great friends in the right places! I have a weirder life than anyone knows. Myself included. Sorry, can't say any more. ;-)


marjoriekaye said...

Ah man--that is creepy. Glad it was just a game--some people need to get a life.

arjay001 said...

Good thing your not playing Farmville. Could have woke to a front yard planted in green roses.

ileana said...

Great the situation got sorted out. Yahoo for Xeno!