Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UFO lights up Brazil skies: Footage of 'flying saucer' hovering over Sao Paolo

The grey, saucer-shaped object could be seen for nearly a minute before suddenly disappearing in a bright flash of light.

The spectacle is followed by two more mysterious bursts of light.

Brazilian television channel G1 obtained the footage from some motorists who spotted the object near the town of Agudos.

The motorists, who the channel did not identify, said they rushed from their car to film the object with a hand-held camera.

G1 reports that the two camera-operators said that the earth shook just as the two blasts of light appeared – a fact that was corroborated by other people nearby at the time.

Yet no seismic activity has been reported in the area, the nearest tremors occurring south, in Chile.

Philip Cavaca, an expert in video editing, told G1 that the two that reported the sighting are nothing more than expert hoaxers.

‘It can be seen in one frame. When the truck goes by, you can tell that the UFO was moved, which is unnoticeable to the naked eye,’ Cavaca said.

By freezing the image you can see the exact frame in which the so-called UFO alters, Cavaca claimed.

But many internet users, viewing the footage after it went viral, believe otherwise. ...

via UFO lights up Brazil skies: Footage of 'flying saucer' hovering over Sao Paolo | Mail Online.


arjay001 said...

Looks like right after the flash, stuff falls to earth. Could be a balloon with flamable gas onboard?? Perhaps on a string??
Fun stuff


Mirlen101 said...

You ever notice how the majority of UFO footage is blurry ? ;-/
Logic says that if a higher intelligence can make a space ship they also have the ability to be stealthy . If they don't want to be seen they won't be. If they can travel space/time I'm sure they can figure out how to be unseen . If I were them I would make my ship look like a cloud or a airplane , Weather balloon ;-) Or be completely transparent !

Cheng said...

I'd just make mine look blurry. No one would ever believe a photograph of it then.

Mirlen101 said...

Or I could just write " THIS IS NOT A UFO ! " on the side ;-) Or "Goodyear" ! ;-) Or make it look like a giant Snoopy balloon ! ;-) Or if I really wanted to freak people out ! A giant Jesus ! ;-) Then people would not only be mislead away from thinking it's a UFO , they would bow to my supernatural supremacy ! ;-)

Mirlen101 said...

God ! Those smiley's are multiplying like cockroaches ! Someone needs to get an exterminator in here ! ;-O