Saturday, March 19, 2011

U.S. and British ships and submarines fire missiles, Libyan jet shot down over Benghazi

YouTube - Libyan jet shot down over Benghazi.

... Gadhafi, who has ruled Libya for 41 years, said in a telephone call to Libyan state TV that he was opening weapons depots to allow his people to arm themselves in defense.

He said the international action against his forces was unjustified, calling it "simply a colonial crusader aggression that may ignite another large-scale crusader war." He warned that the involvement of international forces will subject the Mediterranean and North African region to danger.

President Obama authorized limited military action against Libya. He reiterated that he would not send American ground troops.

"We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy," Obama said Saturday from Brazil.

U.S. and British ships and submarines fired more than 110 cruise missiles at more than 20 Libyan air defense targets, Vice Adm. William Gortney, director of the Joint Staff, told reporters on Saturday. Most of those areas are in and around the capital Tripoli.

The first Tomahawk cruise missiles struck at 3 p.m. ET, Gortney said, after a one-hour flight from U.S. and British vessels in the Mediterranean.

No U.S. aircraft fired missiles or dropped bombs, Gortney said.

The British defense secretary, Liam Fox, said in a statement that Tornado GR4 fast jets flew 3,000 miles from Royal Air Force Station Marham in Norfolk, England, and back. The jets launched Stormshadow missiles, while a Trafalgar submarine launched Tomahawk cruise missiles. ...

via USAToday

I watched Battle Los Angeles tonight. The story wasn't much about the aliens invading so much as the fighting. It stuck me as full length advertisement for the U.S. Marines. Who were the aliens in the movie? Did they have eyes? How could water power their technology? Where did they come from? What did they want? Did they have a leader? What did they eat?  Don't expect to find out if you pay to see this movie.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to wonder if we are on the brink of even more real war. To top it off, it's a hellish night. The wind is howling and banging things around my home. It is the night of the supermoon. The wind is furious. The power just flickered out, and back on. How long will it last?

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Ann said...

A short, but, I think, appropriate critical synopsis of the movie, "Battle Los Angeles," Xeno.


"... of even more real war." Yes, I know what you mean, but a "war," even if it isn't officially labeled as such, is a war. No matter how small (like President Reagan's invasion of the island of Granada) a war can't get any more real for those who endure its consequences.

(I may be weird, but ... ok, I am weird ... I like nights when a "furious" wind howls and bangs "things around my home," while playing, flickering with the lights. It kind of blows away our arrogance and puts us in our natural places. You might expect more such nights in the future.)