Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blank book on sex outsells 'Harry Potter', 'Da Vinci Code'

What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex: book of blank pages become surprise bestsellerSo what does every man think apart from sex? Apparently nothing, claims British author who has written a book on it.

Quite fittingly, the book has just a cover and 200 blank pages inside.

Sheridan Simove's What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex has become a surprise bestseller on

The book has hit number 744 on the Amazon list, ahead of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code (number 2,910) and JK Rowling's Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2,406).

It is also picking up as a novelty gift among amused uni students in the UK who are flocking to grab a copy of the $7.95 paperback .

A student from Nottingham University says she picked up the copy for her friend.

"I bought a copy for my mate as a joke and he started using it as a note pad for lectures. Now everyone seems to have one. It's started a real craze on campus".

The book’s 'author' says he never expected his work to become a bestseller.

"When the book was published I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would outsell Harry Potter. But Britain's students seem to think my book is magic and who am I to argue?" Simove has been quoted as saying by news reports.

An Oxford University psychology graduate, 39-year-old Simove says his next research project is a PhD on the subject of what women think apart from sex.

"I hope to publish my findings in another decade," he jokes. ...

via Blank book on sex outsells 'Harry Potter', 'Da Vinci Code' - Seven News Queensland.

Reader comments:
... Nothing new...I've got a copy of a book from the 1980's called "The Achievements Of The Labour Government", a little black paperback, and it too is totally blank when you open it up.

... The author has just coppied what Cheech and Chong did. They released a movie called "youve been ripped off". Sold out and it was just 1.5 hours of blank screen then a big YOUVE BEEN RIPPED OFF across the screen.

... Another case of plagiarism......Alan Pease published a book "What men know about women" 25 years ago.......blank pages...I still have the signed copy.


samantha said...

Yeah not an origianal at all. I have an exact book called "Hello World!" only the difference with this book is that it has clues all around us which lead to a written story. So it may seem blank but has a maze to it - amazing - Focuses on the digital (computer) world we are all caught up in at the moment. I have found most of the chapters concerning the question published at the back of the book. If you want a copy email me on

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