Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Field of money': Police find thousands of dollars lying on Ohio highway

Found: Dollar bills totalling five figures Officers in Ohio spent hours picking up the cashThe police officers couldn't believe their eyes - thousands and thousands of dollars blowing in the breeze in the middle of a busy highway.

There was so much cash, one deputy told Ohio police Chief Russ Martin that it looked like 'the field was growing money'.

Now the authorities are trying to figure out how the bills - over $10,000 - were left north of Columbus on the median of U.S. Route 23 on Monday.

Officers spent hours collecting them after a surprised motorist had raised the alarm when he saw the money floating past his window.

Martin, of Delaware police, won't reveal the exact total, but he said: 'We'd like to leave that a secret now, but I can tell you it was five figures.'

Police have checked with the FBI, an armoured car company and bank couriers, but no one has reported any missing money.

Police did not release any more details about where the money was found because they are hoping the owner will provide vital details to prove it is his fortune.

Martin is fairly confident officers have recovered all the money, so he says drivers shouldn't stop in the hope of finding anymore cash floating about.

via 'Field of money': Police find thousands of dollars lying on Ohio highway | Mail Online.

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Casually Speaking said...

That's an interesting story....I hope that the motorist that first reported the money is given some sort of reward. Imagine that a field of dreams, I mean, money.