Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can two dreamers communicate over the Internet?

Daniel Oldis, whose seminal work in the science of lucid dreams is widely quoted in academic circles writes an introduction to his acclaimed Lucid Dream Manifesto in which he suggests that a lucid dreamer can signal another dreamer using dream masks and the internet.

Check out”Sleep Stream Online” a sleep lab that is studying sleep patterns with the goal of identifying when lucid dreaming is in progress. “Brian” an engineering student at Cornell, is using “Zeo” an easily worn device that records sleep patterns and sends the data to the sleepstream program. The goal is to synchronize lucid dreamers and explore ways to communicate dreamer to dreamer. This study is inspired by Oldis’ writings. Here’s the link:

via Virtually Perfect ends in Babylon Dreams.

I've been excited by lucid dreaming research for many years and have read many different experiments conducted by Stephen LaBerge and others, but I hadn't heard of the Zeo or the above work by Daniel Oldis. Thanks to for pointing out this exciting experiment.

Lucid dreamers can signal the outside world that they are dreaming using eye signals. Eye movements can be measured using electrodes. If you look a direction in your dream, you are really looking in that same direction behind your eyelids. This is used in experiments to have lucid dreamers signal that they have completed certain tasks. Getting information into the dream to the dreamers, however, last time I checked, is hit and miss. I've worn a device called a Nova Dreamer that flashes lights in your eyes. Sometimes the lights are incorporated into your dream, but sometimes you don't see any lights.

I'd like to try a Zeo.
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Mirlen101 said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to have an isolation tank type bed and room ;-) Each night you would be floating on a water bed ? kept at body temp . No light at all ! Perfectly sound proof ! Maybe REM monitored . You could hit lucidity guaranteed in minutes every night ! How cool is that ! ;-) But would one go insane ? ;-|