Saturday, February 19, 2011

USC transplants kidney into wrong person

USC University Hospital shut down its kidney transplant program last month after a kidney was accidentally transplanted into the wrong patient, according to a spokesman for the program that coordinates organ transplants in Los Angeles.

The patient escaped harm apparently because the mistake involved a kidney that happened to be a close enough match, said Bryan Stewart, a spokesman for One Legacy, which was notified of the error by the hospital.

In a statement, the hospital confirmed that it had temporarily and voluntarily halted transplants Jan. 29 after a “process error” was discovered. The hospital did not detail the nature of the error and declined to answer questions. But it said that no patients were harmed.

A spokesman for the state Department of Public Health said the licensing agency was investigating. The hospital said transplants may resume as early as today, pending the conclusion of its own investigation.

“The hospital inactivated the program while clinical protocols are assessed and additional safeguards to the kidney transplant program are developed," the hospital’s statement said.

The hospital said it notified the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) on Feb. 4 that the kidney program had been halted. ...

via USC transplants kidney into wrong person | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times.

I was in the hospital all day yesterday with a friend who was having her gall bladder removed. The nurse verified date of birth and name, asked what she was there to have done, then witnessed the signature. I wonder if the same protocol was followed at USC University Hospital.

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Cheng said...

I had a pig's kidney tranplant last week. The pig wasn't too happy, but I thought it was delicious.