Monday, February 28, 2011

Xeno's Daily Strange News Awards Blog

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Patrick said...

Hi, Xeno. Do you by any chance know of a site, or a way that I can choose the news that I want to read?
Isn't there a site for serious news? Where I dont have to read entertainment news or box-office receipts or stories about kidnapped girls in the swamp?
This is random, I know. I just find that your site is the first site I go to in the morning, and then I head to BBC Science and the NY TIMES but even with those I have to wade through the drek.
Google news too, only let's you select news to a certain extent.
Just wondering.

Patrick said...

Thanks! I think I remember seeing some desktop graphic with a bunch of rss feeds in a sorta dna helix pattern but that may have been at the mac store.
Much appreciated! Keep up the great work!

Hillbilly Hick said...

I saw Bigfoot once. 1951, back in Sequoia National Park. Had a foot on him thirty-seven inches heel to toe. It made a sound I would not want to hear twice in my life.

Xeno said...

How close were you? How long did you watch him? What was he doing? What physical details to you recall? Can you describe the sound? Did he see you? Was he partly invisible? (I ask because a researcher who has written to me believes based on several reports of people seeing "parts only" that bigfoot has evolved a natural camouflage that is almost like an invisibility cloak. It may kick in when danger is present.

pyrodin said...

Well, I bet the military would love to get their hands on him too!

Cole said...

Hey Xeno, look at this:

Doesn't that look like Stonehenge is made of metal covered with concrete? What could this mean do you think? :(

Xeno said...

Good find Cole! My first thought is that there was some restoration done and that is what the iron looking stuff under the stone is. The could have built something to get the remaining stone to stand up as it was originally intended... anyone know for certain?

Cole said...

You can also move around in Street View for different angles.

Yes, that is possible that it is a support. But then, it looks like the rock is actually folding around it from all angles, so unless the pressure from it made it start to sag somehow, I have no idea.

By the way, if people find strange things like this, here should we put them? I put it as a comment here because I was unsure what else to do.

Cole said...

Wait, could it have anything to do with this?

Xeno said...

Wow! Thanks for that link... Veeeery interesting, Cole. Looks like my guess about restoration was right, but I didn't know it was little known ... I wonder how much the original placement of the stones was changed... There could have been a different meaning ... More or less like a planetarium, or calendar, etc....

Cole said...

Yeah, how much of the original purpose is now lost to history?

pyrodin said...

there's a replica of it somewhere around Hunt Texas-fyi

Cole said...

As of right now you have exactly 800 pages of posts on here. :)

Sophie said...

Hello Xeno,

I am writing to ask if I have your permission to use the following photo ( as part of a research poster presentation on the benefits of exercise for anxiety disorders.

I am an MSc Occupational Therapy student, therefore I will not be making money from this research. I am hoping to deliver this presentation at a conference. The photo will be referenced within the poster with 'kind permission given'.

Please let me know

I Look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards

Sophie Kennish

PS It's not like it was in the old days when you could just use clip art.

MSc OT Student, UEA, Norwich

Cole said...

Aha! I found it! I found the comment button. I'm sorry, this skin is really confusing. The one right before this was at least ok, I could find my way around, but the original one was great.

arjay001 said...

Must be the old/new skin or is it the new/old skin? I wanted to ask how the chat worked out? I left a few tells. I invisioned hundreds of notes every day waiting for you. It wouldn't be like that if you only had a few followers. But...

" #1, #3 & #4 slots today on the Google search for “best strange news blog”… out of 15.6 million pages. Neat."

Pretty neat!

Time to sell some ad space??

Take care

isoftusernet said...

So you dont know using tag...? best all

arjay001 said...

Yes...But I am not good at it. You can't delete a failed attempt. I have made a few attempts, but they didn't work. So Until I get a tag that works for pictures, I will reframe from trying. I can get videos to post OK. Maybe this will work?? If you see a picture, I did it.

1st attempt:

2nd attempt:


arjay001 said...

Ok lets see you do it :-)



Xen said...

Hi Xeno,

How do you pronounce your name? I hear the incorrect 'Zee-no' instead of the correct 'Zeh-no' more frequently. FYI: The original greek is pronounced with the x in tact as 'kseh-no.'

What if it was just Xen. Wouldn't it be pronounced 'Zen' not 'Zeen'



Xeno said...

I pronounce it "seen oh" - as in "Xeno, Xeno, what does he know?" - but that is because I'm Italian and not Greek.

Biff Tannen said...

Helllooo McFly,

"I saw Bigfoot once. 1951, back in Sequoia National Park. Had a foot on him thirty-seven inches heel to toe. It made a sound I would not want to hear twice in my life."

A quote from the 1977 movie "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind".

Think McFly, think...! Google or Wikiquote something before you seriously respond or the joke's on you. Now I have got to make like a tree and get out of here.


Xeno said...

Niiiice. Thanks Biff, Xeno got punk'd. Heh.

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