Friday, February 25, 2011

Google Adds Filtering of 'low-quality' Sites

GoogleGoogle has tweaked the formulas steering its Internet search engine to take the rubbish out of its results. The overhaul is designed to lower the rankings of what Google deems "low-quality" sites.

That could be a veiled reference to such sites as Demand Media's, which critics call online "content farms" -- that is, sites producing cheap, abundant, mostly useless content that ranks high in search results. Sites that produce original content or information that Google considers valuable are supposed to rank higher under the new system.

via National briefs: 2/26/11.

Coolness. This blog is #2 in the search for "Xenophilius" now.  I hope it stays that way through the last Harry Potter movie, July 15th in the USA.

Tip: If you want to see the last HP movie a few days early on July 13th, you could fly to France or Sweden according to IMDB.

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Mirlen101 said...

Give me a broom and I'm there ! ;-)
I used to be #1 under my real name but 3 others just like me kept interfering . We are still fighting over who is the real me ! ;-( And I have way better content then they do ! Google thwart them PLEASE ! They are deficient !
Whats the chances Google will get rid of the money ! and replace it with quality ! Ya right ! Ain't going to happen ! Money floats !
I'm not sure I'm comfortable letting Google decide who to knock off really ;-/ Can you imagine Google deciding what is good porn or bad porn ! ;-) Google hire me I'll do that JOB ! ;-)