Saturday, February 19, 2011

Italian police arrests fake prince of India

A man from the Balkans has been arrested in Italy after cheating people pretending he was a prince of India.

Dragan Dragutinovic (33) has parents from Croatia and from Serbia, but in Italy he ignored his roots and found it more profitable to present himself as a rich prince from India that had inherited a fortune.

It is believed his international frauds were as big as 50 million pounds, Serbian tabloid Alo has reported.

Dragan Dragutinovic was finally arrested in Milan under suspicion of a fraud involving the property business.

It is believed Dragan Dragutinovic had all together 16 different fake identities. He would take money in advance as a down payment on various deals and then would never appear to complete the business.

via Italian police arrests fake prince of India - General News - Croatian Times Online News - English Newspaper.


Pierre said...

I think he's brilliant! A sort of Pink Panther. More fool the idiots who fell for it. No doubt their greed, gullibility and snobbishness was their downfall.

Afrodysiac said...

Absolutely couldn't agree with you more!!! Think I should start pretending to be 'The Zulu Princess' and rack in some cash....they are lots of fools out there who need a lesson!!