Monday, February 28, 2011

Sacramento man given prison sentence for trafficking underage girls

United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced that Deandre Lornell Brown, 25, of Sacramento, was convicted today of five counts of conspiracy, sex trafficking of children and using force, fraud, or coercion, and participating in a venture that engaged in sex trafficking of children. The guilty verdict was returned by a federal court jury in Sacramento after a five-day trial before United States District Judge Frank C. Damrell Jr.According to testimony presented at trial, Brown met and recruited two underage girls to work for him as prostitutes in and around the Sacramento area. Brown recruited the first minor (Victim #1) in 2005, and she continued to work for him until his arrest in September 2009.

Brown used force, threats of force, and coercion to force Victim #1 to prostitute for him. These acts included rape, pistol-whipping, and putting a pistol into Victim #1’s mouth and fingering the trigger. Brown also regularly assaulted Victim #1, slapping, punching, and kicking her. In one incident described during the trial, Brown inflicted wounds on Victim #1 that were so severe, including pouring bleach into open wounds on Victim #1’s body, that emergency medical treatment was required. In another incident, Brown described for Victim #1 how he would kill her and her family if she ever tried to leave him. According to Victim #1, the only person that Brown would spare during his murderous rampage was Victim #1’s infant daughter, whom Brown would leave on the doorstep of a stranger.

Brown recruited the second minor (Victim #2) on September 2, 2009, as she was walking near Arden Fair Mall. Victim #2 worked for Brown until September 13, 2009, when she ran away following a beating that Brown inflicted in an apartment used by Brown off Stockton Boulevard. During the time that she was with him, Victim #2 was anally raped, forced to engage in sexual acts with other prostitutes that worked for Brown, and assaulted.

Brown forced Victims #1 and #2, along with a third prostitute, his co-defendant in the case, Brittney Beacham, to work for him primarily in the Stockton Boulevard area of South Sacramento. Brown drove the girls to the “Stockton blade,” posted online advertisements on prostitution websites advertising the girls’ services, monitored and supervised their activities, and collected the money that they earned from prostitution. Brown also violently enforced his pimping rules in order to maintain control of the girls. Those rules included forcing the girls to refer to him as “Poppa,” requiring them to work nearly every day of the year, and not permitting them to speak with any African-American males.

For her role in prostituting Victim #2, Beacham pled guilty to misprision of a felony on April 19, 2010.

Judge Damrell stated that the jurors had been exposed to a “cesspool” of activities not seen by most residents of the Eastern District of California that turned 15- and 16-year-old girls into 40-year-old women in a matter of weeks, leaving scars that would last a lifetime. This case is the product of an extensive joint investigation by the Sacramento Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, working together as part of the FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force. Assistant United States Attorneys Kyle Reardon and Michael Beckwith are prosecuting the case.

Brown is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Damrell on November 29, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. He faces a sentence of no less than 15 years, and up to life in prison, a lifetime period of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine. The actual sentence, however, will be determined at the discretion of the court after consideration of any applicable statutory factors and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which take into account a number of variables.


Hats off to the FBI for getting this pimp filth off of our streets. I don't understand how this could go on for four years almost every night of the year before he was caught. Don't people call the police from their car cell phones when they see underage girls walking the streets?


marjoriekaye said...

Wall Street gets away with it.

Xeno said...

Sometimes it seems if a crime gets big enough, it grows above the law. Murder is a crime, but if you get a large number of people to kill a large number of people, it's war. Robbing a bank get you prison. Robbing an entire country gets you a bail out.

Mirlen101 said...

Are you kidding ? I'm sure the police there are not any better than in Washington ! In recent years they were more concerned with having orgies ! I bet you think I'm exaggerating ? It's on record ! The chief of police tried to get his wife to go to his swingers club . It was a popular club with the police . She didn't want to have anything to do with it . He kept at her eventually they separated . So he shot her ! Ya she's dead ! So is he . He shot himself right afterwards . He shot his wife the mother of his children right in front of his kids ! In broad daylight in the middle of a strip mall ! There has been several others who have been put in prison for child molestation ! Were not talking low level police either !

Xeno said...

You aren't suggesting this is common cop behavior are you? :-/

I'm sure you know that people overestimate the frequency of dramatic events: Shark attacks, terrorists, winning the lottery, bad cops, government conspiracies.

These things do happen, but infrequently and guilt by association is reptilian thinking. Most cops are good. I know several.

Same goes, I believe, for the FBI & CIA.

Mirlen101 said...

I wouldn't necessarily say common . Are trying to be funny ? Common behaviour ? Ya the chiefs are killing their spouses left and right ! We can't figure out where to put all the bodies ! ;-| And "good" is a relative term . I did say that this was not an isolated instance ( the swinging ) ! That it is documented ! When you find something like this it is often pointing towards the tip of the ice berg . He was the Chief of the police ! Did you miss that point ! He belonged to a swingers club that had the police as there #1 customers ! Did you miss that point ! Some have been arrested and sent to jail for child molestation did you miss that ? We are talking about one of the largest cities in the US ! Two local chiefs have been pulled over for drinking and driving !
Now your jumping to conclusions . That I am some how a conspiracies theorist ? I'm talking facts !
It is reptilian thinking I'm referring to . People are generally good and BAD !

Xeno said...

Your "tip of the iceberg" conclusion is based on sample bias. Only the dramatic stuff makes the news. Cops are human and there were 800,000 in 2008 according to one person, so you can find examples of every crime in a population of 800,000 ... except "impersonating an officer" ... I think that is the one crime they could not commit. ;-)

Mirlen101 said...

In this particular case the police admitted knowing of the crime ! Like you said " four years" ! :-O If this was your daughter or sister would you wait four years! to take action ? I'd be tempted to end it quick with a bullet to the back of the head ! But my hope is he gets gang raped in prison ! Eye for an Eye !

Mirlen101 said...

I'm not sure on the stats of how many go nuts in the police department or the Clergy etc ( people in power positions ) Be nice to have a study on that ! I think people generally are somewhat complacent . I see little action taken with any crime in my area . I've had direct contact with the police ( no not on the receiving end ! ) and have witnessed a shocking disregard for action . Even in extreme cases . Such as a woman being strangled by her pimp ! They virtually asked the pimp/drug dealer if he was strangling anyone ! He's like "Nope not me" ! So they walked away ! We're talking a group of police that were called to the scene by 9 ! callers to 911 of the incidence . I was one of the 9 ! One other was the neighborhood watch leader ! As the police were leaving the last officer to arrive said " No way this isn't right ! " this woman police officer went up pushed the large man out of the way and found the women ( a prostitute ) lying on the shower floor cowering with choke marks on her throat ! They took him in , low and behold both had warrants out for them ! The policemen told me they were aware he had been selling drugs for years . They knew his landlord because they all frequented her bar ! The hang out of drug dealers , the culprit , the prostitutes and apparently the police ! ;-/ Two hours after they took the strangler , drug pushing pimp in he was out and back threatening the people who turned him in ! His victim the prostitute ( the one with the warrant after her ) bailed him out and drove him home ! ;-/
Isolated incident ? I have many more incidents with police , the top Judge of all time ( in this area )the most widely known Assessor treasurer in the area , local government , and a council member ! Most I had witnessed personally ! With lots of witnesses ! Again not on the receiving end ! Just a witness ! No record ! Not even a traffic ticket !
Yes still isolated in the scheme of things the big picture . But for everything I have witnessed there are more not witnessed ! It is always the tip of the iceberg ! For every report of a molestation , rape etc. there are way more not reported ! If you were molested by someone in power would you announce it ! ? Most wouldn't !
Power corrupts , absolute power corrupts absolutely !

Ann said...

Once, a veteran cop told me that police departments have a lot of "homosexuals." He didn't mean his comment to be derogatory in any way. He was merely stating what he had observed over the course of decades of work.

The cop explained that these men really like other men, but try so very hard to cover it up. And they might not even admit to themselves, for the longest time. So, they display themselves super-males, super-macho, and the like, because such behavior is not associated with being gay. Such behavior includes putting down, harming, hurting what is perceived to be as "weaker" others, including effeminate gays and women etc., metaphorically standing on the bodies of others to make yourself look tougher.

Cheng said...

I think you may be right Ann. That cop in the Village People always seemed a little too manicured.

Mirlen101 said...

I was going to mention something to that effect . Not the homosexual thing but the feelings of not being man enough leading to overcompensation . Hemingway syndrome . You get to be in a power position with a gun ! ;-O A quick way to power ! Some might see no other way to power . I really don't think people are capable of resisting such power plays . I know I can't ! ;-)
I find it's easy to deal with the police on a personal level . You just acknowledge their supremacy from the get go ! Works every time ;-) They are used to people talking back lying and being violent . So coming in contact with someone who is "acting" level headed ( don't laugh Ann ! I did say ACTING ! ;-) comes as a nice surprise and they usually respond by treating you fairly . Even in your favor ;-) Don't be overly polite though that gets them MAD ! They know your full of it ! They call that the Eddie Haskel !