Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Croat reports seeing a fireball

A man in Croatia felt as if he was in the middle of a science fiction movie when he saw what he has described as a fire ball falling from the sky and landing in the woods close to northern town of Bjelovar.

Darko Hresic alarmed the fire brigade and the fire got soon stopped.

"I noticed flames in the sky. The ball was falling to the ground. It was within a walking distance of two to three kilometres from me. Thoughts about science fiction movies kept going through my mind and I could not believe what I was seeing", Darko Hresic commented to daily newspaper Jutarnji List.

The paper reports the fireball was most probably a comet, but it is still being investigated. Traces of a comet have not yet been found at the site.

via Croat reports seeing a fireball - General News - Croatian Times Online News - English Newspaper.

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