Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guard Parrots Avert Burglary, Cops Say

Unable to open the front door, the two perps allegedly attempted to pry open a door to an apartment in the back of the house -- but that's where their bird-brained plan went fowl, according to cops.

"After only a short while, both subjects ran from the yard as if something had scared them off. It was later determined that part of the building also housed some talking birds," a Manatee County Sheriff's Office report notes.

Police weren't able to catch one of the men who was scared off by the human-sounding birds. But they were able to apprehend 20-year-old suspect Devin Shannon on charges of burglary.

This isn't the first time that birds have worked as guards.

Last year, a parrot bloodied a man who attempted to burglarize a pet store in England. Meanwhile in Colombia, police have captured a number of birds trained by drug cartels to serve as lookouts -- including one parrot named Lorenzo that had been taught to say, "Run, run, you're going to get caught."

via Guard Parrots? Talking Birds Avert Burglary, Cops Say.

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