Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Handle Valentine's Day When You're Polyamorous

Dr. Patti Evans and Angye FoxYou'd think that a woman who enjoys what she calls "sport sex" wouldn't have trouble finding a Valentine.

But you'd be wrong, both about the woman and her situation.

Angye Fox, 40, runs a successful ad agency in Florida and, yes, she is also a swinger who has sex with different partners without being in love with any of them.

Although she sometimes goes to swing parties with a male friend, she considers herself single.

As such, Valentine's Day is a melancholy time for her.

"It can be lonely," she told AOL News. "Take New Year's Eve, for instance. I do a radio show in Florida called the FoXXXy Forum and we did a live remote at a swing club between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. After the show was over, my co-host ran with her husband and some friends and I was there by myself with nobody to kiss.

"The way Fox sees it, swinging is "sport sex," and separate from the intimacy involved with, say, making love. Although she enjoys it and believes it's a more natural choice than complete sexual monogamy, she also admits she'd like to find someone to share her life with -- and eventually maybe some other sex partners.

"I've been divorced since 2004 and I pray that I will find someone special," she said. "I wouldn't want to swing at first -- I don't recommend people do that until they really get to know each other -- but maybe keep it as an option down the road." Because Valentine's Day is the day picked to celebrate romance, couples in all types of relationships plan different types of events -- even swingers and polyamorists.

But while monogamous couples might think of going out for a fancy dinner, swingers might use the occasion as a chance to enjoy the company of each other and other partners,...

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