Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NJ Woman Questioned in Alleged Butt Implant Death

Police say they've questioned one of two people in the case of a British woman who died after receiving cosmetic injections in her buttocks at a hotel near Philadelphia International Airport.

Lt. Ray Evers said police issued a search warrant Tuesday night at the Bergen County, N.J., home of a woman they think set up the appointment online. The woman has been questioned but is not under arrest.

A 20-year-old British student died early Tuesday after she apparently flew to Philadelphia to get silicone injections into her buttocks at a Hampton Inn in southwest Philly.

Police executed a search warrant at the Hampton Inn on Bartram Avenue Tuesday afternoon with suspicions that two women had performed butt implant procedures inside rooms, sources say.

Suspicions of these hotel-room medical procedures came about after Claudia Seye Aderotimi died around 1:30 a.m. after being taken to a Delaware County hospital, according to court documents.

Aderotimi had a butt enhancement procedure around noon Monday and started to complain of chest pain around midnight, police say.

This was the second time Adusei turned to these women for buttocks enhancement, sources say. Aderotimi and her friend -- who had her hips done this time around -- had gotten butt-enhancement procedures last November, sources say.

It wasn't clear if the women who administered the injections were licensed to do so. They left after the procedures and weren't there when Aderotimi began feeling chest pain, sources said.

The women also did a good job covering their tracks, police sources say.

The preliminary cause of death is attributed to silicone injected into the woman's vascular system, ultimately stopping her heart, according to the Delaware County medical examiner, but it is "pending further studies." The autopsy is not yet complete. ...

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mr fredyy said...

I cannot believe they ask if the women was licensed to inject motor silicone.

It is illegal no matter what the background of the provider.

Our world has become life is cheap mentality. I doubt the person responsible will get in trouble