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Race horses electrocuted from leaking power cable?

A view of the two horses who collapsed and died under unknown circumstances in the parade ring at Newbury racecourse. Photograph: Getty ImagesNewbury RacesRacing at Newbury was abandoned in extraordinary circumstances after Fenix Two and Marching Song collapsed and died in the parade ring before the first race.

An inquiry and immediate post-mortems were announced, with the reasons for the deaths unknown amid speculation the horses died from some form of electric shock emanating from underneath the paddock.

Some horses had already made it down to the start and there were reports that others had "wobbled" on entering the paddock.

Nicky Henderson was quick to withdraw his runner Kid Cassidy, while Andy Turnell, trainer of Marching Song, said: "It looks like they've been electrocuted. My fellow seemed perfectly all right and I was about to leg him up but he just went straight down."

Jonjo O'Neill, trainer of Fenix Two, said: "Kid Cassidy was in front and he took a turn. We thought he was bucking and kicking and he went down on his knees then he seemed to be okay.

"Mine reared up and we couldn't get him back, it was like he was stuck to the ground. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Denman's owner Paul Barber was in the paddock and said: "The girl of Turnell's said she felt a tingling as she led them round and then Nicky's horse went down.

"They were getting the shocks off the grass, not off the tarmac. I've never seen anything quite like that ever."

Stipendiary steward Paul Barton said: "We are going to hold an inquiry and interview those connected with the horses. We are not going to use the parade ring for the rest of the meeting.

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The electricity cable that is believed to have caused the death of two horses at Newbury on Saturday could have been leaking power into the track's paddock as long ago as last September, according to William Muir, a local trainer.

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Newbury in Berkshire is situated in the centre of Southern England

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