Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shark attacks rose in 2010 to highest in decade

A great white shark off the coast of South AfricaSharks launched 79 unprovoked attacks on humans in 2010, the highest number in a decade, US researchers have found.

Six people died from unprovoked attacks, up from an average of 4.3 over the past 10 years, University of Florida scientists said.

Thirty-two attacks occurred in North American waters, 14 off Australia and eight in South African waters.

Scientists say reported attacks have risen over the past century as humans spend more leisure time in the water.

The 2010 figure was up from 63 in 2009, and above the yearly average over the past decade of 63.5.

"But the rate of attacks is not necessarily going up - population is rising and the interest in aquatic recreation grows," University of Florida ichthyologist George Burgess said in a statement announcing the university's international shark attack report. ...

via BBC News - Shark attacks rose in 2010 to highest in decade.


Sepp said...

Could this have something to do with people catching sharks, cutting off their fins and throwing them back into the sea to die a painful death?

Xeno said...

Anyone who does that should be eaten.