Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 20 Songwriters, who is #20?

If I had to name the top 20 songwriters who have had the biggest influence on me, I can only come up with 19 for sure ...

  1. Paul McCartney (the Beatles)

  2. John Lennon (the Beatles)

  3. Paul Simon (Simon and Garfunkel)

  4. Cat Stevens

  5. John McCrea (Cake)

  6. Jeff Lynne (ELO)

  7. Andy Partridge (XTC)

  8. Sting (the Police)

  9. Jason Mraz

  10. Bernie Taupin (Elton John)

  11. Mark Zemple (Folkenstein)

  12. Tom Scholz (Boston)

  13. David Bowie

  14. Freddie Mercury (Queen)

  15. Kerry Livgren (Kansas)

  16. Neil Peart (Rush)

  17. Jeff Davis (the Balancing Act)

  18. John Woloschuk (Klaatu)

  19. Anton Barbeau

  20. ?

Not sure who would be #20. People put in on the top of their lists, but Bob Dylan never had a big influence on me. John Fogerty (CCR), Scott Warren (America), Joachim Krauledat (Steppenwolf), Edward Van Halen and George Harrison (the Beatles), Sonia Rutstein (Disappear Fear), Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) all did. I can't decide.


asliceoflife83 said...

what about the stones!?

Xeno said...

Doh! Yes!

Patrick said...

I think you're about my age, Xeno, which means that like it or not, a major songwriter to influence your life was Jim Henson.

Oliver said...

Great pull! I would not have come up with Jim Henson on my own, but after deliberate thought for roughly 4 seconds, Jim Henson belongs on the top 20. Sir Paul, Lennon and Rhymin' Simon are solid in the top three. Page/Plant has a vote for me as well.

Xeno said...

Jeff Moss & Joe Raposo were songwriters for songwriters for Sesame Street, did Jim write too? Good call, but I think in terms of influence I'd have give even more to TV show theme songs: Welcome Back Kotter (John Sebastian), Gilligan's Island (George Wyle), Batman TV show (Neal Hefti), Star Trek theme (Alexander Courage), The Beverley Hillbillies (Paul Henning)... Also movie scores Star Wars (John Williams), and Danny Elfman for movie scores like Batman as well as his great stuff for Oningo Boingo.

limjucas said...

John frusciante. Definitely. Check him out. Shadows collide with people or the empyrean. Both great albums.

Mirlen101 said...

I'm kind of shocked that Bob Dylan isn't on your list ! You say he wasn't an influence yet it seems that he would have been , listening to your songs . More so then some that are on your list .I think your statement about "TV show theme songs" hits the nail on the head ! It is what I said before about your work . I think the TV show medium is your niche ! That is not a put down . The TV theme song genre is an important one ! Look at all those shows theme songs that stick with us our whole lives . And have great meaning and importance to us . And hey there is probably good money in it ! It might be your foot in the door opportunity !