Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Worthless website awards: and, etc.

I went looking for a .pdf manual for a Motu 828 mkII firewire rack mount device because I can't get the front mic inputs to stop feeding into the SPDIF channels. The manual for the MK3 didn't help due to differences between the old and new versions and no PDF version of the 828mkii manual seems to exist.

While searching, I found some truly annoying web sites. They returns high on Google rank if you do a search for manuals, but they are 100% worthless! The links and text seem to lead to what you are searching for, but they lead only to advertising. I'd like to slap the creator of these lame sites with a salmon for wasting my time.

Avoid all of the following worthless web sites that come up in a google search for manuals:



You can remove any site from a google search by typing "search terms". Replace "" with the site you want to avoid in your results. Using this technique, I've made a filter. Click my link here to do a google search avoiding these crap sites: Google Manual Search Minus Crap Sites.

Just add your search terms such as "Motu 828mkII pdf" before the first "-site:" after you click the link and then search.

With this filter I at least get some real pdfs about the device I have ... but not the manual since one doesn't seem to exist.

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