Friday, March 11, 2011

Google Letting Users Blocks Sites from Results

... Google today announced a new feature for Google Search that enables users to block certain sites from appearing in search results. ...sometimes you may dislike the site in general, whether it’s offensive, pornographic or of generally low quality."

If that's the case, [assuming you are logged in - Xeno] Google has introduced a link that will appear when you click "back" on your browser to return to the Google results. This new link allows you to block all results from the site you just visited.

Google says you can block up to 500 sites ...  [which] will only be blocked for you... [but ] the search giant may use every one's blocking information to improve search ranking. ...

via Google Letting Users Blocks Sites from Results.

Tried it. Liked it. Thumbs up. Well, one thumb for the cool idea. The other thumb will go up when it works as expected.

The AJAX removes the one page you block from your search results, great, but then click the next link and come back and remove that, and the first link you removed has returned. Bah!

You have to redo the search to get all of your blocked sites to really filter out. And you can't block specific links to YouTube videos which are always at the top in my searches.

Other times it seems that the link to remove the site does not show up when you go back, but that may be related to the above.

Try this: Do a search for "Dani Johnson Scam" and block all of her junk marketing sites. Block any sites that say things like she is a "highly sought after" speaker, etc. Some of the crap sites were obviously not even written by a human. What language is this, for example:
"...Some people have been extraordinary as great as ask: How could Dani upon all sides herself as such an desirous as great as enormously in effect businessman as great as personality in a really initial year? Dani Johnson is flattering renouned as well, as great as there´s a singular TOP tip which really helped her to grasp such monumental formula in hold up as great as business."

I highly suspect that this word salad is the result of phrase replacement software used to generate "different" text automatically for a crapload of scam web sites.

After working at it for 15 minutes or so I'm sorry to report that the Dani Johnson infection on Google can not be removed by this tool.

Here is the list of sites I blocked so far in trying to get a real review.

The problem is, she gets her propaganda pages put on good sites. The good hosts pull them down, but they still show up in Google searches. The way I understand this new Google tool, any scammer who can generate more than 500 crap web sites will beat even the most persistent searcher who wants to filter out propaganda. Here's hoping Google continues to help the humans against the script bots.

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