Tuesday, March 15, 2011

London 2012 countdown clock stops in Trafalgar Square

The digital clock in central London which has been counting down to the 2012 Olympics has stopped, less than 24 hours after it started.

The timer was unveiled in a ceremony in Trafalgar Square on Monday to mark the 500th day before next year's Games.

But the 6.5m (21ft) display became stuck on 500 days and 7:06:56.

"We are obviously very disappointed that the clock has suffered this technical issue," said a spokesman for the Swiss-based Swatch Group.

"The Omega London 2012 countdown clock was developed by our experts and fully tested ahead of the launch in Trafalgar Square," he added.

"We are currently looking into why this happened."

The clock had resumed its countdown by Tuesday evening.

via BBC News - London 2012 countdown clock stops in Trafalgar Square.

Probably just got caught in a time bubble created by the LHC. The Swiss are very advanced, but they probably shouldn't have used so many Higgs singlets to make this clock.  ;-)

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