Thursday, March 17, 2011

Woman ‘bites off her boyfriend's testicles’

A MAN had surgery to re-attach his testicles after his girlfriend allegedly bit them off.

Maria Georgina Topp, 43, has appeared in court accused of the gruesome attack on Martin Douglas.

Martin, 45, had to dial 999 for an ambulance but was in so much pain it was difficult for operators to understand what he was saying. The couple had returned to his flat after a drunken night out when the attack is said to have happened at 4am.

Paramedics who arrived contacted police due to the severity of his ­injuries and Topp was arrested.

Self-employed DJ Martin needed emergency surgery after the incident in Newcastle and spent days recovering from injuries to his genitals and an arm before he was released from hospital.

Mum-of-four Topp, of nearby Gateshead, has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

A court granted her bail on condition she did not enter the city or approach Martin. ...

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marjoriekaye said...

Oh that's just not right.

Mickey J Barczyk said...

Even a dead head zombie knows that its the brain that you should eat, not a mans balls.

Cheng said...

I think that's standard courting behaviour in Gateshead.
Only those fit enough to fend off the attack are allowed to reproduce. Hardy lot, them Jordies.

arjay001 said...

She must have very sharp teeth.

Ann said...

No, humans have the ability to bite off ears, noses, fingers etc. of others of their same species without too much problem, given an underlying emotional imperative. "Sharp teeth" aren't necessarily needed. Normal incisors, canines and premolars do just fine.

Ann said...

Gateshead? In North East England?

Wiki has this: "JB Priestley, writing of Gateshead in his 'An English Journey' (1934) said that 'no true civilisation could have produced such a town", adding that it appeared to have been designed 'by an enemy of the human race'."

And, citing an article from the Daily Telegraph: "... a woman was denied entry into England at some time prior to 2007 for giving her reason for visiting as wanting to go to Gateshead. British visa officials ruled this as 'not credible.'"

So, what's with Gateshead and its inhabitants?

Isn't a Jordie someone from Newcastle?

Cheng said...

Welcome back Ann.
You sure do your homework. Normally Googling Gateshead would return "Zero results".

Jordies, or Geordies for the posh ones (those that are in work), are any that come from Newcastle and nearby and speak with the incomprehensible "YI" accent.

They know I'm only kidding, bless them.