Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Botanist finds mysterious plant in NM

Little green plant alien

Little green men are no strangers to Roswell, but now one New Mexico botanist says a little green plant has an out-of-this world connection to New Mexico.

David Salman said he was on a seed hunting trip near Roswell when he noticed a faint glow coming from what appeared to be a meteor crater.

He said it turned out the light was coming from a small patch of carnivorous cacti.

Salman said he found a cactus that eats bugs, glows and probably came to earth on a meteor.

He says he scooped up some samples to see if someone could identify them, so far no one has been able to.

via Botanist finds mysterious plant in NM | Roswell N.M. | KRQE News 13.


Party Bus VA said...

Here is Similar Story

A lot of people are going to jump all over this story because of the fact that Roswell happens to be in New Mexico, but I think there’s a far more disturbing story here, and one with more far reaching implications.

Ann said...

Please, explain.

Setsuka said...

I don't see why the cactus would come to Earth via meteor instead of, say, being a new species native to Earth. The implications would be, of course, very big if it WAS from another place.

Setsuka said...

I second that.

Forgive my ignorance, but why would people be more interested in it being in NM than it being in Roswell? (1947 and all....)