Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clarksville police report intoxicated 4-year-old

A 4-year-old had a bad day, as the youngster's unusual intoxication resulted in an investigation by a Clarksville police dispatch.

At about 9:20 p.m, the girl was carried to the hospital by her parents who told police they heard her crying upstairs after playing on the bed and falling off.

The mother came to notice her daughter's hazy eyes and unsteadiness, according to the police report.

Police returned to the family's home on Vanessa Drive to figure out what the child had ingested to vanquish her equilibrium.

In the upstairs bathroom, a momentous clue stuck: A bottle of prescription oral rinse was found on the counter with an unsecured lid. The content of alcohol read out at 10 percent.

The little girl came up short of sober with a BAC of .14 in her first blood test and a .12 reading on her second blood test, the report said.

A nurse at Gateway did not balk and contacted the Department of Children Services

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