Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Delivery! Oregon Mailman Caught Defecating in Citizen's Yard

An Oregon postal worker has had a bad day and has been suspended without pay after he was caught with his pants around his ankles, momentously defecating in one of the yards along his delivery route.

Portland resident Don Derfler came to the window last week and spotted the mailman striking out against unseen opponents on the ground by his neighbor's house.

"He started pulling his pants down and started defecating, and at that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures," Derfler told MSNBC.

The evidence was quickly vanquished, but the neighborhood still wasn't pleased.

An official with the U.S. Postal Service said it is investigating why the mailman delivered his loss and if he allowed any runs.

U.S. Postal Service representative Ron Anderson did not balk and went up with a good apology to customers and to the public.

"We're taking this very seriously ... I've worked for the Postal Service for many years and have never heard of an incident like this, and I hope I never do again."via Special Delivery! Oregon Mailman Caught Defecating in Citizen's Yard.

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