Saturday, April 23, 2011

Police investigate Charlie Sheen's high-speed escort

Actor Charlie Sheen arrives for his performance in Washington DCPolice in Washington DC are investigating who authorised a controversial high-speed police escort for actor Charlie Sheen.

He was apparently escorted from an airport outside the city to his stage show, Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option, on Tuesday.

Police chief Cathy Lanier told a local TV station the escort appeared to violate department policy.

Police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said the department was investigating.

Sheen posted a photo to Twitter of a speedometer reaching about 80mph (129km/h) and wrote: "In car with Police escort in front and rear! Driving like someone's about to deliver a baby! Cop car lights #Spinning!"

Sheen was reportedly running late for the one-man show. It is not clear for how much of the journey he had a police escort.

Sheen's spokesman, Larry Solters, declined to comment on Friday.

Phil Mendelson, who chairs the DC Council's committee on public safety, said on Friday he considered the escort inappropriate and was glad it was being investigated. ...

via BBC News - Police investigate Charlie Sheen's high-speed escort.


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