Friday, April 22, 2011

Shape shifting monster plagues South Africa town

IOL karooA typical Karoo farm labourer's cottage stands on the red earth.

Steytlerville, a small Karoo town, is being plagued by rumours of a shape-shifting monster, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday.

"The community says that the monster changes shape while you are looking at it," Warrant Officer Zandisile Nelani said.

He said one man had reported it changed from a man wearing a suit into a pig and then into a bat. The creature had been sighted on a number of occasions near a church and only appeared at night, Nelani said.

Local residents met with police last week to discuss the strange phenomenon.

Nelani said he had asked people to take a photograph of the alleged monster. Although some locals were frightened of it, it had not harmed any people or livestock.

via 'Monster' plagues Karoo town: News24: South Africa: News.

Let me know if you find any more details on this story. Could be the work of a magician prankster. With some prep, and the right location, I could do it.  Get a pig and a bat and a bulky costume. You make a plaster casts of the transition between your face and the pig's face. Then you show your self the the mark, you twist around in the costume, show the morphing faces (probably only need two), then you jump into the trap door or behind the bush and release the real pig. If the pig is wearing clothes, you could use balloons to blow up the clothes for a minute and hide the pig and then release the bat.

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