Friday, April 29, 2011

Not again. disabled my blog this morning. April 29, 2011

Come on you people, this is getting annoying. I do not believe I am in violation of any of your terms of service. Could you please set up a policy where you send an email to the blog owner before you disable a blog?

Dear Automattic,

This happened before Friday, December 10, 2010. My blog was restored and I was told it was an error, but not what caused the error. Why is this happening?

Could you please send long term blog owners an email BEFORE you disable our blogs?

Was there really a complaint this time, or is this just another technical error? If there is any complaint, please allow me to fix the problem so I can continue blogging.




Anonymous said...

P.S. Your export function is still broken so I can't move my blog elsewhere.

Xeno said...

I mean the export feature for bloggers who have an account suspended is broken. - Xeno

Mike Franklin said...

I wrestled with WP and Google's Blogger/Blogspot for a while but then got so tired of the glitches and tyranny that I bought my own domain and used WP merely as a tool.

I would suggest a few good hosting (and inexpensive) services but then that would make my comment look spam-ish and that isn't my intent, lol.

Have really have enjoyed your content here... thanks!

Ameer Akram said...

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