Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tornado closes Lambert-St Louis airport


The US airport of Lambert-St Louis has been closed indefinitely after a tornado ripped through its main terminal.

The storm tore off a large section of the terminal's roof, shattering windows and sending debris flying.

Several people were being treated for minor injuries.

The storm, one of a series to pass through central and eastern Missouri, also flattened homes in the area, felled trees and tore down power lines.

Lambert-St Louis airport said all flights were cancelled pending full safety assessments, and a clean-up was under way.

"We have all hands on deck here," said Mayor Francis Slay, speaking at the airport.

'Grown men crying'

St Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch, who was at the airport as the storm approached, said people watching the tornado suddenly had to scramble for safety.

"About the time we came into the building, the doors blew off," he said.

"Literally 10 seconds later, it was over. It's amazing to me more people weren't hurt."

Dianna Merrill, who was waiting for a flight to New York, said she had been looking out of the window hoping her delayed flight would arrive.

"Glass was blowing everywhere. The ceiling was falling... the wind was blowing debris all over the place," she said.

"It was like being in a horror movie. Grown men were crying. It was horrible."

via BBC News - Tornado closes Lambert-St Louis airport.


Wayne Brasler said...

It wasn't all this dramatic. Video taken inside the terminal when the tornado hit clearly shows people exiting in an orderly manner. No one is crying, much less grown men. People there at the time said she were surprised at what was suddenly happening but no one was falling apart emotionally over it. I'm from St. Louis. It is very rare for anyone in my home town to go to pieces over anything. We're Missourians! Whatever comes our way we can handle it.

Xeno said...

I saw a few stills of overturned cars but no video of a tornado ripping up an airport. But I did look very long.