Friday, April 29, 2011

Expert reveals evidence of Sasquatch species

Sasquatch.04272011 "My goal is not to convince, my goal is to open minds,"said Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. Meldrum has been researching the specimen of Sasquatch for more than 15 years and has received national attention for his work, both positive and negative.

His research examines various evidences which suggest that the mythical creature Sasquatch may in fact be real. In particular, he hypothesizes there may be not only one creature living today, but as many as 500-750 of the Sasquatch species.

"People have been so conditioned that this isn't possible that when they finally see it, it upsets their whole equilibrium," he said.

Meldrum said many people, both inside and outside of academia, don't believe that Sasquatch could be real.

"Some of the naysayers adapt that position because such a creature, such a species could not exist under our noses and not have been discovered," he said.

Others, he said, don't accept the possibility out of stubbornness. ...

via Expert reveals evidence of Sasquatch species - USU Statesman.

Since no evidence is revealed in this article, it should have been titled, "Expert believes there may be up to 700 living Sasquatches". If, for example, a timeline and map showing where different modern sightings have been supports a population of 700, then that would be evidence. So what is the evidence supporting this belief?


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Along with the of and the of the the sasquatch is one of the most famous animals of cryptozoology and is believed to exist by many despite the fact that its existence has been dismissed by mainstream science as either native folklore or a series of hoaxes due to a lack of concrete evidence... The majority state that it is large and bipedal standing between 6 and 9 feet tall and covered completely with course dark-reddish or brown hair.

Sam said...

I'm with you, Xeno. Where are the bones of these creatures? Do they never die? Does this guy really think these things could avoid being seen both in life AND death?

Xeno said...

My view is that they probably exist, actually. I put it at 65% probable from what I've read. There are prints, hair, nests, so many sightings, droppings... Your question is a good one, but I've seen some possible answers, such as the possibility that they live mostly underground, employ very good camouflage, live a really long time, and have rituals in life and death that keep them hidden. Then again, all of the evidence might be the work of many different hoaxers.