Friday, April 15, 2011

Strange Exits: Man dies after getting sucked into pasta making machine in Canada

A 26-year-Pasta Quistini Factory in Toronto Canada old man who was engaged to be married has died after being dragged into a giant pasta making machine.

Health and safety officials are investigating the gruesome accident that saw the man dragged head first into the machine.

Other workers managed to switch off the machine, but the victim died from his injuries.

The horrific accident took place at the Pasta Quistini factory in Ontario, Canada.

A piece of clothing worn by the victim is believed to have got caught up in the machine and dragged him towards spinning metal blades.

The family-run firm has been in business for 30 years and staff said the victim was engaged to the owner's daughter.

John Cartolano, brother of owner Elena Quistini, said: 'This was her future son-in-law, and they were very close.

'The boy was a very good boy. Very dedicated to the family and his work so it's affecting all of us.'

Police have yet to name the victim but have ordered production at the factory to cease until they have completed their investigation into the accident. ...

via Man dies after getting sucked into pasta making machine at Pasta Quistini factory Canada | Mail Online.

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