Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yeti Attack On A Sherpa Woman?

In National Geographic’s recent documentary, “Hunt for the Abominable Snowman,” (airing again on Sat Apr 9 6PM) there was a segment with a woman who said she had been attacked by a Yeti.

This Sherpa woman stated the Snowman came up from behind her, hit her on the head, and grabbed her neck. She also said the Yeti then killed some “cows” (yaks) and seemingly feeling like she conveyed the notion the Yeti sucked blood from the yaks.

This is the caption with the photograph from the new 2011 NatGeo doc:

“Remote and desolate Machermo Valley, site of Lhakpa Dorma’s ferocious attack in 1974. She was attacked by what she believes was a Yeti. She escaped with her life only by playing dead, the yaks she was herding were not so lucky.” © Atlantic Productions

NatGeo spelled her name “Lhakpa Dorma.” Others have spelled her name as “Lhakpa Doma Sherpa” or more often, as “Lhakpa Domani.”

Of course, I had seen this woman interviewed years ago, in documentaries in which I have also appeared, by History, A&E, and other organizations.

Her story seems to have changed. In the past, she once said the Yeti grabbed her hair. And broke the necks of the yaks. She formerly was rather meek, when she was younger, and her emotions less over the top. She never said anything about the yaks being drained of blood by the Yeti.

Was she performing for the camera? Had she become a crafted, practiced interviewee? Was it her translator? Was this created by this specific program’s spin on the details? Or had the woman elaborated and come up with a new version of her attack by a vampire-like or Chupacabras-like Abominable Snowman?

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