Thursday, April 14, 2011

Milkman puts out car fire with milk, saves two men trapped in burning car

THE PROMPT ACTIONS of a milk tanker driver may have saved the lives of two men trapped in a burning car in Fermanagh last weekend.

Michael Coyle hosed the contents of his tank over a burning car in which two young Cavan men were trapped and seriously injured following a road collision reports Cavan based newspaper The Anglo-Celt.

The two men were travelling towards Enniskillen when the crash occurred on the road between Derrylin and Bellinaleck on Sunday afternoon.

After coming across the crash scene Coyle manoeuvred his truck into position so the milk could be hosed on to the burning car from a valve at the rear of the tank.

The local commander at Enniskillen Fire Service told The Anglo-Celt it was the first time in his 28 years of service he had seen a car being extinguished with milk from a tanker and was full of praise for the driver’s presence of mind.

The two men are described as being in a stable condition at Erne Hospital in Enniskillen.

via Two men trapped in burning car saved by hero milkman · TheJournal.


jay the milkman said...

i have to give this milkman big kudos! as a milkman myself i have done and been asked to do many things that you wouldnt normaly do,but this guy is the tops!!!!!if you ever get to rhode island u.s.a. look me up and all the choc. milks on me

Xeno said...

Thanks Jay, I drink unsweetened organic soy milk every day for about 4 years now.... Do you have that? ;-)

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shawnda said...

So very cool!