Thursday, April 14, 2011

To Discourage Public Urination, Australian City Introduces Open-Air Urinal

Open air urinals are seen in Amsterdam in this photo provided by the City of SydneyAfter a city official described its urine-soaked streets as a "disgusting mess," open-air urinals are being introduced into the downtown area of Sydney, Australia, to discourage drunks from peeing in public.

The al fresco toilets, also seen in some European and Canadian cities, are aimed at stopping people from urinating on residential doorways, in bank ATM lobbies and on the streets.

Sydney's center apparently is so plagued by public urination that the local council claims it faces a yearly clean-up bill of $7 million, and it's desperate to stem the tide."It's disgusting, and residents shouldn't have to put up with it," Suzie Matthews, Sydney's late night economy manager, told Sydney Media.

"The city over the years has received complaints from residents and business owners about literally people urinating on their front doorsteps, in their front gardens, on their building walls.

"[Sydney] faces huge clean-up bills after each weekend and cleaning up this disgusting mess costs ratepayers more than $7 million a year." ...

via To Discourage Public Urination, Australian City Introduces Open-Air Urinal.

Good luck with those, ladies.

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